About Us / ਸਾਡੇ ਬਾਰੇ

Guru Nanak Darbar Inc.(GND) is a non-profit religious charity organization that has been serving the community since 1994. GND is a Sikh cultural centre that provides the public  with many opportunities in its 14,400 sq. ft. building located at 900 McLeod Avenue (Honorary Guru Nanak way), Winnipeg, Manitoba. GND offers many religious services and always has its doors open to everyone.


GND is run through the support of our community. Any contribution will be appreciated.

Our Mission and Values

Our mission is to preach and promote the Sikh religion and to give the Sikh community of Winnipeg an opportunity to practice Sikhism in a positive and inclusive environment. We celebrate the Sikh religious festivals every year to bring joy and also to preserve the Sikh religion including its Khalsa traditions, culture, and customs. Teaching the main values of Sikhism: ( Naam Japo, Kirt Karo, Vand Shako) is also a big part of our mission because all Sikhs should live by these values. Our objective is also to connect the young generation to their religious roots of Sikhism through Gurmat camps, Kirtan, and Punjabi classes.

Founding Members

Meet Our Priests

Meet Our Priests

Giani Paramjit Singh
Head Priest

S. Paramjit Singh conducts a variety of duties such as Parkash, Samaapti, and Paath. He leads the Sangat in prayer, and performs Kirtan (spiritual music), Katha, and Ardaas (Prayers). He performs all the Sikh ceremonies and is a good teacher and role model to everyone.

Meet Our Priests

Giani Hira Singh

S. Hira Singh has expertise in Kirtan and assists Paramjit Singh with Samaapti and Paath as well. He also performs Katha (recitation of religious stories) and Ardaas. Hira Singh spends a lot of his time teaching children, youth, and adults. He also teaches Kirtan and Tabla.

Meet Our Priests

Giani Hardeep Singh

S. Hardeep Singh specializes in Katha Vachak and also assists Paramjit Singh with Samaapti, Paath, and Ardaas.  He inspires and provides spiritual direction to the Sangat  and teaches Gurbani (poetry of the scriptures), and Punjabi language. 

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