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Guru Nanak Darbar Inc. endeavors to connect young sikhs with sikhism and their roots through  punjabi & kirtan classes and Gurmat Camp. Children learns the Sikh faith, ethics, customs, traditions and texts through these classes. Education of Sikh children and Youth is the highest priority of Gurudwara Sahib management.


GND is run through the support of our community. Any contribution will be appreciated.

Kirtan/Tabla Classes

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Kirtan/ Tabla classes focus not only on teaching students to learn how to play the harmonium or tabla and sing. Both these instruments are used to accompany the Kirtan during religious services to play the raga (or tune) of the shabad. Our goal is to connect the youth with Gurbani at a much deeper level by incorporating all aspects of Kirtan and Gurbani and an understanding of Guru Sahib’s teachings. The Kirtan classes incorporate all aspects of Kirtan and Gurbani to allow students to experience Guru Sahib’s teachings at a much deeper level.

– Timing –

Sunday  2:00pm – 4:00pm

Punjabi Classes

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Punjabi classes objective is to introduce, develop and strengthen the students’ skills in reading, writing and speaking Punjabi. Punjabi classes help us preserve Punjabi for generations to come and to keep our mother tongue alive. Teaching our children Punjabi is important so that they can effectively communicate with peers, grand parents and other members of the Punjabi community.
The classes are free and open to all with registration fee of $5.

– Timing –

Sunday 10:00am – 11:30pm

Gurmat Camp

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GND’s organizes a week long Gurmat Camp in the summer to keep the kids connected to the Gurmat values.  It’s a week long camp that aims to inspire kids to connect to the teaching of the Guru and to help our youth identify their roots. Gurmat Camp allow young Sikh children to continue growing emotionally, mentally, socially, and spiritually. Children enjoy the opportunity to spend fun-filled days with other children as they learn about Sikh History, Gurmat, gurmukhi and discipline. During the Camp Breakfast, Lunch and Snacks are provided.


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Guru Nanak Darbar has a small Library. This library has a good collection of books where Sangat can borrow books for reading to their home. The primary purpose of Gurdwara Library is to provide books, materials and services which will help each person develop his or her faith in Sikhism and to expand the knowledge about Sikh values.

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